Services for children

Going on Holiday with kids, especially if they are small, always makes us a bit worry… Do not worry!!!

The Hotel Smeraldo is a family hotel and offers its “small” guests special attention:

  • Specifically menu for children
  • Bottle warmer
  • Side rails for beds
  • Basin for bathing
  • Night lamp
  • Seats for bicycles
  • Seats and raised for the meals in the
  • dining Restaurant
  • Saucers, cups, cutlery and small bibs
  • Kitchen Cooking for moms available 24 h.
  • Bathroom of the hall with changing
    Playground for children on the beach,
    in the pool and at the Hotel
  • Animation and baby club for children in the morning, afternoon and evening
  • Children’s parties with make-up, shaped
    balloons, baby-dance and more….
  • Flexitimes at our Restaurant: 7.30 to 9.30 / 12.00 to 13.30 / 19.00 to 20.30
  • Room strollers
  • Stroller available (on request)
  • Request pediatrician in Hotel (surcharge)
  • Request Baby-sitter (surcharge)

How do children’s meals during weaning?

Our chefs prepare every day the vegetable broth and passed (with carrots, potatoes and zucchini fresh without added salt), which will then be added to our own pasta. Parmesan cheese and extra virgin olive oil will always be at your disposal on the buffet.
Additions such as freeze-dried, homogenized the fish or meat or cheese must bring you home, or you can buy them once you are in Cesenatico. The meals will be served directly to the Front Cooking Buffet by our chef, during the hours of the restaurant.

And if the baby is used to eating at times and in different ways?

The mother will have a small kitchenette at the bar of ‘hotel, where you will find daily past and vegetable broths prepared by our chef. It will be the mother then add all the ingredients (homogenized, freeze-dried, flour and various pastries …) that you will premunita.
This is an advantage, because there are no time restrictions: the kitchen will be open 24 hours on 24, at home!
For children a bit ‘older children, who may want only a pasta with tomato sauce, a white pasta, a simple slice to the plate, no problem… they will be prepared at the time by our chef! At the restaurant, to seat the child and children, let us SEAT. Should serve a BOTTLE, no problem, just ask the front desk.

The bed for the child to bring home?

No no, the baby bed, what type of camping, we put in the room. If you need, we also night lights in the room and then, as in all the bathrooms are with shower and all the kids love it, are also available to the PANS for the bath. You can directly ask the waitress that resets your room or at the front desk girls.

There is a pediatrician or an emergency?

We wish you obviously do not need it, but if not, there is a pediatrician in 5 minutes and the ‘Hospital, with an excellent department Pedriatria, is located a few kilometers.
In any case, please contact quietly at the reception (there is always staff, 24 out of 24) that will put you in touch with who you want.