Not only beach and relaxation, but also good food in our "A-mare" Restaurant.


We strongly believe that every dish has a story to tell. Let the kitchen be a place of balance and authenticity. We pay attention to detail, hold on to the simple things and take care of the more complex ones: like your heart and palate. Our establishment is an explosive mix of good traditional food, provided by our restaurant, which proudly preserves the roots and flavour of those who have lived here for years, and hospitality.


We believe in choices that are good for you, especially those you make early in the morning: a rich continental breakfast awaits you in our spacious, fully air-conditioned restaurant.
Fresh, healthy and delicious flavours to enjoy at your leisure, enriched by homemade sweet and savoury dishes.
Croissants, pies and cookies are lovingly prepared by our pastry chef.
In addition, starting with breakfast, you will find all the goodness of healthy dishes such as fresh juices and DETOX water.
There is no end to goodness, but also to variety: freshly made pancakes and crepes, eggs, bacon... here you will find a wide choice for a breakfast with an international flavour.


What makes us stand out from others? We can say it with enthusiasm, our Front Cooking service.
You will be enchanted by the open kitchen, pleasantly integrated into the dining room, where you can admire and choose directly at will the dishes prepared every day by our skilled chefs.
Chef Giorgio's speciality? He loves to cook fish, especially octopus and salmon, because of his love for the sea.

In Romagna, as you know, we cherish good food. And even here in Cesenatico, we like to hold high the banner of true regional cuisine, defending tradition and indulging in a few inspirations from outside the region.
Every day, we offer fish dishes from the Adriatic Sea, meat dishes, rich buffets of fresh vegetables, hot and cold side dishes, appetisers, seasonal fruit from 0 km sources, ice creams, sorbets and homemade desserts.

Beverage refills are unlimited during meals.
For the most refined palates we have a meticulously researched wine list with a wide selection of local products.


Romagna dinner

- One evening a week we organise a Romagna dinner, with the possibility of tasting the traditional piadina with sliced cured meats (but be careful, you might not be able to do without it afterwards!), tasty barbecued ribs, broth with passatelli pasta, and a sweet ciambella... and to finish? Albana di Romagna!
What do you mean, you don't know it? It is an enveloping wine, with a strong personality, which fully embodies the friendly spirit of the people of the region.  

For the occasion, our waiters and cooks will be dressed in peasant clothes, and Raoul Casadei's music will play in the background.
Let the dinner begin!

- Pink Night  

The entire Romagna Riviera is in pink... an explosion of lights, sounds, images, colours, concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions, shows, magical stages and enchanting fireworks. 
Book and find out what Cesenatico has organised for you this year!
We also prepared a delicious surprise!

- August 15th “Ferragosto” dinner

On August 15th, a wonderful dinner will delight your palate with fish dishes as the protagonists: seafood crudités, lobsters and, why not, its majesty sushi.
Alongside seafood specialities, there are also excellent meat dishes and homemade pasta.
To end this gastronomic symphony, a whole buffet of “sweet sins of gluttony” will be served.